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Originally Posted by Rktennis1 View Post
I've been a tennis pro my whole adult life, and Im done with it. I currently have a decent job in the tennis industry, but its rare and not where I want to live anymore. I was thinking about becoming certified as a pharmacy tech. It probably wont be a forever career, but I have my undergrad in chemistry, so I figured it would be an easy transition, and these jobs are located everywhere. Gives me time to find something else or grad school. I know these jobs over $50k are rare, and Im ok with that.

Anyone ever done it, have any perspective? Thanks.
Chem is the perfect undergrad track for application to PharmD program. As far as I know a tech gets like 10-12/hr.

Your typical PharmD is pulling in 70K-90K first year out. Well worth the 4 year investment.
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