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Originally Posted by logrock View Post
I've used Gosen OG sheep 16 & 17ga, moved on to multi's, (X1, NRG, NXT & NXT Tour) then to the poly's BHS, BHBR, Cyclone and so on. Just out of curiousity tried Forten Sweet 16ga and could not be more pleased. It is the most well balanced string I could ask for. The price/ performance ratio has stopped me from looking any further. The feel I get from Forten is something special any it lasts, at least for me.
Very soft so string it high.
This is interesting. What kind of a frame do you have, stiff or flexible?

Long, long ago, in the 1980s I used Forten Sweet and liked it, but sometime in the Oughts I tried it again, in a different frame, and was perplexed why so many people liked it. I didn't.

I have a reel in my box, though. Perhaps I should give it a go.
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