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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
First of all, age is only ONE factor.
What is her actual size? And what is her build? Is she slight and twiggy? Is she built like a linebacker? (Don't laugh, my g/f is).
Does she rely on fast swing speed for her power, or does she swing slowly and hit the ball flat?
What does SHE want?
Give her a list of WTA racket weights with the corresponding player weight.
FEW use rackets heavier than 11.4 oz.
If she has a fast swing speed, loopy modern strokes, a lighter racket is fine, but maybe not sub 10oz.
If she has a slow swing speed, meets the ball flat to get pace, then a heavier racket is in order.
5'2, 108lbs, in between slight and linebacker(not laughing,); broad shoulders, but still build as a child.
Pretty fast swing, but not superfast (coach says she hits so hard because of her excellent 'touch')
She is happy with her current racquet&strings, apparel/shoes have her priority,like many girls of her age. If I would let her play with full Alu Power strung on highest tension possible, she probably wouldnt complain. But fact is, I'm convinced her game will benefit (in future) using a heavier racquet.
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