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I think you overrate the changes that happened in the game. Tommy Haas won is first titles in 1999 and ended the year a top 20 player. 14 years later, at 35 after dozen of critical injuries, he is in the top 20 again! And Tommy is not Pete.

Sampras, with the skill set he showed, could be a great player if he honed his game, not for the faster conditions of the 90's, but for the current conditions (altough only marginally better on clay). Maybe not as good as peak Fed, peak Nadal or peak Djoko, but certainly nearly as good as this guy in their prime.

We have Tipsarevic and Gasquet in the top 10. What a depth.
I don't think Sampras would have the winning percentages that Federer and Djokovic have had over the course of a year. Sampras' style is more risky than all of these guys so he is prone to some more losses over the course of a year. However in a big match on a non clay surface, would you really bet your life savings that a 25 year old Sampras wouldn't win?
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