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Default Question about Tecnifibre Pro ATP 10-Pack Bag

Hi Siobhan/Michelle

I read the Blog post about the Tecnifibre Pro 10-Pack ( and it looks like it could be the Bag I was looking for. Unfortunately you only show the closed Beauty shot and no pics of the compartments.

Before I pull the trigger, just wanted to clarify a couple of things:

- Any chance we could see additional pics of the bag with the compartment layout? Google didn't yield anything.

- Is there CCT compartment? My understanding is that only the Monster has it -correct?

- Michelle (welcome to the Blog, btw!) you mention that it's fast becoming a favorite among the TW staff. How is it holding up to the stink? the Material looks like it doesn't breathe at all.

- Is there a vented compartment for wet stuff like on the VO Max 9 Pack?

Thanks so much in advance to your answers!

- nyc
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