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Originally Posted by bbulla View Post
I find the mounting system to be adequate. It holds the racquet nicely, and really isn't that big of a pain as people are making it sound.

My only beef with it would be the 4 arms that hold the racquet in place visually block some of the grommets when threading the string through, and when tying off, sometimes are in the way. But otherwise, the mounting is good.
The longer bottom mounts do not actually have to go OVER the frame perpendicularly -- you can align them (somewhat) to the racquet, or go over the throat area. There's no structural support to these arms, don't be afraid to adjust them so they're out of the way. You don't even REALLY need to tighten these down very much, as long as there's no clearance for the frame to pop out, you're good

Edit: I should also note that a little replacement grip material (or overgrip with some double sided tape) allows for some added security on the mounts. The slight tackiness will prevent these from slipping around from the plastic/paint interface.
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