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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Looking forward to it. Like I just mentioned in my post above, you may have to tweak your strokes in order to generate more spin, but if you're willing to do that you'll probably progress more.

In all honesty, as you develop as a player you'll need to have a few gears. Good players probably have two: one where they'll almost never miss (ie at two thirds to three quarters pace), and one where they hit harder and can make the shot at least 70% of the time. Very good players will have three (an array of touch shots). Top players will have four or more (including extreme spin, looping, chip and trick shots) and their highest gear will have blazing speed (ie groundies of 90mph+).

So feel free to experiment with tensions and see how loose you can go. The benefits are more pace and spin with less effort, which will hopefully translate into more success in matches.

I played with it the night just when I strung it. Threw some silicone on it and hit in about 40 degree weather in Florida. I really loved the feel and my slice back hand was so penetrating. I've had the stomach flu recently but hoping to go back to practice soon maybe even later today. In some normamlish temps so cant wait to see how that feels. I also have some 17 pro hurricane, 17 xp think of those two I should give a twirl?
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