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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
indirect, yes. the total % of unreturned serves would be the closest to direct measurment of the stroke itself (aces are only subsection of that stat)

my intention with stats that i posted is to show that pete's service game held much better when the going gets tough. sure, everybody knows that his game outside of the serve is much better than roddick's, but i also think that unpredictabillity and better placement of pete's serve is more usefull against better opposition than predictable roddick's 140 mph bomb down the T
if by "tough" you mean later rounds, you might want to reconsider that. One oft-mentioned point in this forum is the notion that the 16-seeding system in slams resulted in huge upsets more often... which translates to easier rounds later in slams more often for the top seeds that made it. also, the concept of "surface specialists" --- a term invented to refer to folks who sucked on surfaces, other than the ones they're "specialists" in. These "specialists", while great on their surface, lacked big match clutchness (naturally.. grass specialists get one tournament per year to fine-tune their mental strength)... which could also explain the higher hold stats.

either that, or we could just analyze stats without adding caveats to it when it doesn't suit our view points (e.g. explaining away consistency of current top seeds to a 32-seed system, or homogeneity in surfaces or bemoaning lack of surface "specialists")?
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