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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
It's not a team issue. I think it is a corporate and management issue.

You guys really think the 'team' would rather face a superstar like Cristiano or LeBron* or such instead of having them on their team because of sexual orientation? Please. Sportsfolk want to win above all else. It's what defines them. (I'm not suggesting they are gay, just examples of really good players).

With major career defining events (world cup, superbowl, etc...) and so much money at stake players want the best guy on their team. They'll adjust if one of the superstars comes out. Players/team are a none issue.

How is the 'team' benefiting from them hiding it? If a footballer or NFL player wants to kiss his boyfriend after a win, or have him cheer on by the sidelines why not? It it "all about the team" when players have their girlfriends or latest totty around?

That's what I like about tennis. No team BS excuse that can be used to restrict people.

One of these days a big player from a major team based sport will come out while still playing and achieving success. It will be a bit of scandal at first, but then the marketing folks will see the $$$ potential. Then you'll have straight players lining up to have a gay image so they can get in on the sponsorship money... mark this post for future reference... Nike execs will be begging that it is one of their players.

* I don't watch NBA, am assuming LeBron is good.

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