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Originally Posted by goldy0084 View Post
Clark, you are totally correct, but I don't think that's what the OP implied or what many people were echoing on here. I am hearing two completely different arguments-- The first is obviously hogwash, that ANY d1 would beat a d3. Anyone with half a brain knows this is an absurd statement. I have seen some d1 teams that could not beat a 3.5 senior women's usta league team.

I think that Swanny was more so implying that many of the "smaller/less recognized" Division I schools that are outside of the top 75 don't get much credit, but ARE actually quite good, and would routinely beat a top ranked D3 teams...which to me is not arguable, it's a fact. Obviously, you would have to draw the line somewhere with the unranked teams, but there are a whole handful of them outside of the 75 list that can flat out play.
Agreed. The top D3 teams are almost entirely 4 star players, but as we all know that the TR system has its flaws and rewards play over ability. As stated the Williams sisters would have not even showed up on their system if you used junior tournaments.

Although there are few D1 schools that are truly awful, there are tons of D2 schools that are awful. If a program goes unfunded and has a part-time coach, you can be almost certain that it won't be any good. Even an average D3 team will beat the bottom D2 teams in most conferences.
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