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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
I was told that ALTA was supposed to be friendly, laid-back socializing league doubles. Is that not the case?

Or are you describing an example of the exception, rather than the rule, with your story about a team exercising undue influence with ALTA officials and the other team threatening to involve the media?
In general, ALTA is fine 98% of the time. Of course, everyone spends 98% of their time talking about the 2% when ALTA is not fine.

It is like any other league. It is competitive and it becomes more competitive the higher you go in general. Most of the people are very nice, play fair and make good calls. But, there's always one in every bunch that makes bad calls and/or is a weiner.

Senior (over 45) leagues really do have a nicer attitude all in all but I also played an adult mixed match (18+) last weekend and the opposing team was extremely nice - good tennis, opponents had good attitude, and it was a fun match.

I have played people that were so nice that I actually thought they were trying to put me off my game by being so courteous. On the other hand, I played a guy a few years ago that would yell at the top of his lungs at least 2 to 3 times a game after his team won a point. Sometimes on our errors instead of their winners. The guy was like Jimmy Connors in a night match at the USOpen - I half expected him to start foaming at the mouth he was so crazed with blood lust. But, as I said 98% of the people are good folks, but you will run into a few weiners.

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