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Well, in a recent study the TW Professor found that balls that impact below the longitudinal center of the stringbed have much more spin on them than balls that hit the center. Conversely, balls that hit above center have less spin. This has implications for shot to shot consistency, as the variable amount of spin produced will change the trajectory of the shot, and therefore will change where it lands.

On off-center shots we already lose a lot of speed, about 8-9 mph for shots 2 inches to either side of center, so add largely uncontrollable spin variability to that and you can see that hitting off center not only results in weaker shots but introduces a random wildness to these shots, as we can't really control if we hit above or below center when we miss the center. That we're at all accurate under these circumstances seems miraculous.

But the TW Professor found that adding 100 grams at 3&9 completely reversed this, instead of more spin below center you get roughly the same amount of spin as in the center, and if you hit above center you actually get more spin than the other locations. So everything flips around. If this effect is linearly dependent on how much weight you add, 60 grams added at 3&9 should make center impacts and above and below center impacts all the same in terms of spin. Also, all that mass at 3&9 will increase the twistweight so much that you will also lose much less speed on off-center impacts. It would pretty much be the ultimate control stick. So that's the little project. I just don't want to wreck my shoulder with too much swingweight
Why? Why ask why?

To my simple mind, the is like saying the ball will rebound the same off a steel wall so I want to turn my racket head into a steel wall so it shows no variance in response. My view is you don't want to do this.

If you add 60 g at 3/9, that will increase SW about 90 g - that's a lot.

It will also be enormously HH unless you counter with roughly 60G in the handle area. If you counter weight the handle, you will have added about 4 oz to the racket. If you leave it that HH, I expect it would take some time getting used to and god knows what it will do to your swing mechanics.

Dr Frank-en-stein has gone mad.

How about adding a little weight at 3 and 9 to increase twist weight and work hard to hit it near the center with a slightly closed racket face at impact.
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