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Default Chris: Volkl Organix 8 vs 99s

Hi Chris. I know you are a fan of Volkl rackets. Unlike you, I like thicker frames that can give more access to power and spin. I hit with modern, topspin, windshield strokes. Maybe three years ago I played with an Organix 8 (300) and found it somewhat powerful but sold it instead of trying different strings.
I have a bothersome pain in the tip of my elbow and may give this Organix 8 a second chance. I am looking into 4g, Black5Edge and Cyclone to try out if I get a Organix 8. Are these nice choices to tame the power of the Organix 8?

Also, this Organix 8 is as stiff as the new Wilson 99s and the Head IG Extreme Pro 2.0. But, is the Organix 8 much more arm friendly than the 99 S and the Extreme Pro?

I would like to use the 99s because of its spin production but I am a bit concerned about my elbow and not hitting freely especially when hitting the topspin backhand as that is the stroke that tends to affect the tip of my elbow. I suspect the Organix 8 is a nice blend of plushness and sufficient spin. What do you think?

Finally, how does the Organix 8 compare to the new Organix 7? The Organix 8 is out of stock and maybe the Organix 7 is similar. I have an idea, maybe a wrong idea, that the 104 head and extra length of the Organix 7 is a bit troublesome but you seemed to like it in your video review. I know that the Organix 8 is on Sale but I just want the better racket. On a side note, I found intriguing that the Organix 7 has a 73 stiffness index rating and you find it plush. How can this be?[

B]I like to hit with heavy, aggresive topspin, am a baseliner and have a one handed backhand (slice and topspin).[/B]

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