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I do like a separate shoe pocket as I frequently play on clay, and having a separate filthy compartment for that purpose (like the Volkl 9 Pack) is more convenient than a separate shoe bag (like Babolat), which is fussy and I'm lazy.

That and smart compartment layouts, zipper locations as well as a grab handle on the slim end are my top desired "make it or break it" features, along with subdued cosmetics, of course.

Alas, no bag seems to fit the bill 100%. I even had to stitch a grab handle onto my Volkl bag...I guess you could say I'm particular!

Ideally HEAD would make a better bag these days so it would match my sticks, but the Tecnifibre Bags are great quality (had one in 2009).

I do like the subdued cosmetics of the 10 Pack and I may pull the trigger thanks to your feedback. Besides, I will be playing on hard courts a lot more due to relocation, so the dirt will not so much of an issue anymore.

And yes, in my Google search I saw Janko is indeed using the Monster with his name stenciled on.

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