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Originally Posted by krz View Post
So, in this hypothetical situation that cannot be proven, disprove, or argued with any real world examples. Most likely, Robert Kraft would then cut Tom Brady?
well, until a player of the status of Cristiano Ronaldo comes out we don't have empirical evidence either way.

lower level folk always have to tow the line and not rock the boat; they lack leverage unless they bind together. superstars are the ones who have the brand power and leverage to change things. champions like navratilova and such. it happened in individual sports, it will happen in team sports. just a matter of time until a big enough star who is gay comes out.

I think it will happen in Europe first in a few big team sports before the US. The US tends to be more puritanical about such matters and Americans play a lot of team sports that others don't get involved in (NFL, Baseball, etc...). Look at the fuss Tiger got just for a few text messages and having a bit of fun on the side. in france it would have been one paragraph on the 5th page of the newspaper... it's a personal matter... It's 2013.

we'll just have to wait and see. mark this thread please so you can refer to it.
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