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Mecir, lovely groundstrokes, looked laid back, good court coverage. Just couldn't win a GS at the end. Ivan was his bugbear usually.
Oh yes, Cash caused Mats a lot of problems on grass. Grass was Pat's preferred surface. 1983,84 Pat was a young upcoming player. They were both young back then, Mats was only 19, 20 himself. Pat won Davis Cup in 83, semis at Wimby and the US Open in 84. Only Mac stopped him at Wimbledon and Lendl had to go 5 in the Flushing Meadow semi to deny Cash a place in the final. Pat got injured or something then, came back with a bang after a couple of years though.
Mats and Pat played in the AO final 88 (on the synthetic surface now, not grass) and Mats won in five. Cash had got the better of Lendl in the semis. Cash lost the 87 AO final to Edberg after having beaten Ivan. Pat strung together a few big wins over Ivan those years. Never won his home Grand Slam tournament though, which I thought was a shame.
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