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That ALTA rule about who constitutes a "Teaching Pro" is a little ridiculous. Couldn't an ALTA official come out and watch your friend play and then allow him out of that category?

As for your "friend" who reported your "teaching pro" friend, I'd ask him to consider calling ALTA back and tell them that he made a mistake, or at the very least vouch for your "teaching pro" friend.

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You don't even have to be USPTA certified to be considered a "teaching pro" by ALTA. A friend of mine missed out on a whole season because he gets a few dollars an hour and free court time by helping out with group drills a couple nights a week. Ridiculous.

If you receive monetary compensation for teaching/coaching tennis, you are a "teaching pro" according to ALTA and must play AA (unless over 55).

The saddest part is that is was actually a "friend" of ours who called it in to ALTA.

Oh, our team failed to win a point this weekend. I was the only line to even win a set. Doubly ridiculous when my over-55 "teaching pro" partner couldn't make easy volleys or take more than 2 steps for a ball, we should have won it in 2 sets easily...

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