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That ALTA rule about who constitutes a "Teaching Pro" is a little ridiculous. Couldn't an ALTA official come out and watch your friend play and then allow him out of that category?
Honestly this is the first time I have ever heard people complain about the teaching pro rule (or had it enforced in a questionable situation) so its been a non-factor for us. We just added a guy to an A5 team that coaches tennis- but because he is a highschool teacher who teaches tennis on the side they said that it does not count. (he will not likely play in our top 3 lines) I'm pretty shocked to hear that they enforced it is a questionable situation like bcart describes. We have faced guys who I personally know get paid to coach tennis but just didn't think it was a big deal so we didn't do anything about it. That sucks a "friend" would call it in like that.

I think it would make the rules significantly worse to introduce visual verifiers into ALTA. The biggest complaints I have normally heard about ALTA are when the rules are enforced in a disjointed manner and having visual verifiers would be an absolute disaster.

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