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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post

I think it will happen in Europe first in a few big team sports before the US. The US tends to be more puritanical about such matters and Americans play a lot of team sports that others don't get involved in (NFL, Baseball, etc...). Look at the fuss Tiger got just for a few text messages and having a bit of fun on the side. in france it would have been one paragraph on the 5th page of the newspaper... it's a personal matter... It's 2013.

we'll just have to wait and see. mark this thread please so you can refer to it.
Thing is with football especially is they are pretty religious. Thats where alot of the dislike for gay people comes from. yes there is the its a gay dude in the locker and all that jazz but for almost all these sports in the US you hear guys thanking jesus and god. So your not gonna get them to support gay guys in their league.

Also American athletes in the big sports tend to put out the tough guy persona. The everything testosterone good vibe. Gay men are not seen as fitting into that crowd. They very well could and odds are there are a few right now doing it but they aint gonna come out of the closet while playing and risk alienating their teams.
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