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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Great event and greater place Kitzbuhel
Dibley had a booming serve and had good results on grass, did not know he also won on cc
Crealy almost beat Laver at 69 FO, it was Laver hardest match that yr at Paris
kiki, Have you ever been at Kitzbühel?. I was there once, in 1972, but I did not watch the final. I did see young Roscoe Tanner beating old Torben Ulrich (without beard)...

Kitzbühel is also venue of the world's premier ski downhill race, called "Hahnenkamm".

Ken Rosewall once told me that in 1963 when the pro troup played at Kitzbühel he met Toni Sailer the all-time greatest skier (not Killy!).

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