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I strung one racquet on X-2 and another on neos 1000 under the same tension.

While stringmeter's readings were close, the one from neos 1000 appeared to give me better feel. I guess each stringing machine has its own fingerprint, or characterisitc, which reflects in the stringjob.

Irvin, when I set the tensioner @ the lock out tension, the "real" tension I get would be lower, how much lower will depend on the pace between it kicks in and I clamp the string?

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It does not matter if it takes you 5 seconds, 5 minutes or five hours. Think about it when the tensioner locks out it is locked and the string is not stretched any more. If you don't clamp it it will lose tension through the relaxation process if you do clamp it the same thing happens.

Different strings stretch and relax differently. All string s will not stretch the same or relax the same. So although your tension may be consistent in the racket for the same string it may not be the same for a hybrid. When in doubt call the manufacturer and ask them how it should work. Pete is the person at Prince you need to talk to and he has been an MRT for a long time. Call Prince and just ask for Pete or tell them you have a stringing question. Their number is 800 2 TENNIS. What do you have to lose?
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