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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
is headsize a factor in this? would you have to add 60g if it was a 90" inch stick instead of a 100" stick?

i know you want to experiment, but i can't stand head heavy sticks. i feel i have less control over the head.
Well, the experiment I'm working off of used a 105. This effect of equalizing spin across the stringbed by adding lots of mass at 3&9 added that mass to a 105. This effect must, to some rather large degree, rely on increasing twistweigtht to ridiculous levels. Because mass added at 3&9 far from the central axis boosts twistweight more than mass added a lesser distance, I'd like to try this with something at least 100 square inches. If it works as an experiment I'd be looking to try it in smaller headsizes too. The problem is that mids simply don't come with such low stock swingweights.
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