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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Why? Why ask why?

To my simple mind, the is like saying the ball will rebound the same off a steel wall so I want to turn my racket head into a steel wall so it shows no variance in response. My view is you don't want to do this.

If you add 60 g at 3/9, that will increase SW about 90 g - that's a lot.

It will also be enormously HH unless you counter with roughly 60G in the handle area. If you counter weight the handle, you will have added about 4 oz to the racket. If you leave it that HH, I expect it would take some time getting used to and god knows what it will do to your swing mechanics.

Dr Frank-en-stein has gone mad.

How about adding a little weight at 3 and 9 to increase twist weight and work hard to hit it near the center with a slightly closed racket face at impact.
Don't worry dear friend, I have all those bases covered. Just need to find the right platform frame. In general, some people don't seem to have the spirit for experimentation. That's OK too.
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