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Originally Posted by tennis4 View Post
I strung one racquet on X-2 and another on neos 1000 under the same tension.

While stringmeter's readings were close, the one from neos 1000 appeared to give me better feel. I guess each stringing machine has its own fingerprint, or characterisitc, which reflects in the stringjob.

Irvin, when I set the tensioner @ the lock out tension, the "real" tension I get would be lower, how much lower will depend on the pace between it kicks in and I clamp the string?
I don't think so. When you turn the crank you will go from 0 lbs of tension to whatever tension you have set on the lockout. The longer it takes the tensioner to lockout the longer the string is stretched. At lockout your tension is set. What you are explaining is how a CP tensioner works. There is a distinct difference.

If you only pull one time with the crank you will end up with a lower tension than the reference tension. The difference between what a lockout does and what a constant pull does is very noticeable as you can attest.
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