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Originally Posted by goldy0084 View Post
The point is you have no frame of reference since you don’t know any of these players (which again, I’m sure extends to 99.9% of college players and coaches), probably have never seen any of them play, and have no idea how to evaluate their level other than looking at a Tennis Recruiting list. You cannot predict results of a dual match lining up TR ratings. It is a general guideline. Some “3star” players go to college and become great and some blue chip kids lay a goose egg. You lined up Elon and WL trying to predict who win a match based on “star ratings.” Sorry, but it doesn’t always work like that. Did you know that Elon pulled two guys? Have you ever personally seen Robert Lindgren hit a ball? Have you ever seen anyone on Morgan State play? List your qualifications to evaluate these players’ ability level even if you have seen them…which I highly doubt you have. 99% of what you are saying is coming out of your butt.
I saw quite a few of the Morgan State players play at the fall tournament at UVa. They were not at the ACC level, obviously, but were OK. I have no particular knowledge of the Washington and Lee players, however, so I should not use them as an example. In any case, we could find a D-I team that is not as good as Morgan State to make the same point, which is that there is some overlap between D-I at the bottom and D-III at the top, even if it is not a whole lot of overlap.
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