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Originally Posted by Player#1 View Post
Sweet stick!

Joe, did you build that one up or did you find it that way?

I have a made in UK JKA that comes in at 15.5oz with a 4 7/8 grip, but that thing surpasses it! The 5 3/8 grip+heavy weight must feel excellent!

My heaviest wood is at 17.0oz without any lead (just some silicone in the handle to push the balance to 9pts HL). The weight+ a 5" grip make it by far the smoothest racket I have ever hit with. I agree that 16oz in these feels great... 17oz makes me adjust my shot selection.
Its all my doing and I was really pleased with how well it played, thought it would be too heavy but just fine. Talk about plow thru and flex, just a dream, especially with that natty gut job. The buildup with the fairway also feels very comfortable with my eastern grip.
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