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I hear you. Like I said, it wasn't a major concern if you had spoken to ALTA directly or was just relaying what the coach in question said that ALTA told him. It just sounded like you had spoken directly to ALTA in your post.

My being on a tennis team and "knowing how things work" is irrelevant when it comes to writing prose and describing something accurately. Had I been in your position, I would have written "The coach we added to our team spoke directly to ALTA and they told him ....". Just for the sake of clarity and accuracy.

I think the major concern is that ALTA appears to have told 2 different tennis coaches different things.

Originally Posted by spot View Post
One of the guys on the team was trying to add his friend. It wasn't particularly worth it for us to bother with calling ALTA in order to add a line 4 guy so we told him that we couldn't add him but that if he wanted to call ALTA and deal with the red tape he was more than welcome. ALTA didn't put it in writing or anything else like that- they simply told him that this was the rule and he was free to play on an A level team. I have no reason not to believe him and I think that their rule makes perfect sense within the goals of their organization. Someday when you are actually on a tennis team you will have a better idea of how things actually work.

I know the rules inside and out and this is one that I haven't heard of before- I simply thought that other people here would appreciate knowing about it as well.
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