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Hahhaha you crack me up man retracting your bad argument. It's ok to admit you are wrong. Obviously, you could find a team worse than Morgan (and keeping in mind Morgan is pretty bad) hah.Maryland Eastern Shore funds d1 men's tennis and would lose 0,0 in every match to Maryland's women's team. Heck, they would lose to Randolph Macon's women's team 7-0. If you were also at the uva fall invite and saw Park from Morgan and know anything about tennis, you would know he is not bad. With better coaching and guys to hit with, he would be a very decent d1 player. He would play top 6 at Boston College right now, but I don't really consider them an ACC team. Now, if you are talking about non-starters, UVA has two guys that would struggle to play in Morgan's top 3. Obviously their players are not at the "general standard" of of the ACC guys hahha I mean no kidding!! Not even in the same nebulus. But, remember, making broad generalizations is a no-no!!
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