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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Honestly- I think the single best thing that Ultimate tennis does is that they level people very well. You get a good match every week because it is tough to move up a level and you really have to be at the next level to do so. (At least in Atlanta where there are a lot of people at every half-level.

I like that they require extenuating circumstances to bump someone who didn't win in their league. This OP has a perfect example of someone that I don't think they should bump. Earn you way up- the league is better for it. Too many people have grossly overrated themselves and the ultimate tennis methodology does a good job of separating people within a couple seasons in my experience. For me the only people I really see who are out of level are the self rates.
But 7-0 (6-0 and 1 default) isn't good enough for a bump up why? Yes, UT has many good characteristics, but they're a little harsh on the move-up givings. In my opinion they should grant move-ups to players that (a.) win their division or (b.) drop the requirement down about half a point. There really is no harm in bumping someone up half a level when they dominated their division.

And the OP's situation: Why would he want to play 3.0 when he successfully plays 3.5 in other leagues? He has to waste his money to prove to UT that he is capable of 3.5, when he already knows he is? Not to mention, what if he has one bad day and squanders his rating?
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