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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
Maybe the OP KNOWS he's better than his results but doesn't want to come across as an egotistical jerk and get called out for it by some members on this forum who have a predilection for doing so.

So he does the SMART thing and writes that he thinks he's better than his results.
His exact quote of why he thinks he is better.

In the months after that season, I took a few lessons, worked on some weak areas, improved my strengths and found a racquet/string setup that gave me a lot of confidence. Hence, the turn-around and 4-2 record in the fall season of LeagueTennis 3.5. And I think I'm now better than I was in the fall.
HIS words were that he thinks he is better. That simply isn't nearly enough to move someone up. A few lessons, "working" on weak areas, getting a new string setup, and more confidence are not nearly enough for me.

I say this as someone who has experience running a big Round Robin. People use ridiculous grade inflation when they assess their own levels. They want to play against better players because they want to think of themselves as a better player. If they move down from where I start them it doesn't affect their perception of how good they are.

If the OP had said he was winning at 4.0 in a lesser league then I'd be on his side.Going 4-2 in peach tennis in atlanta at 3.5 would likely mean he would have trouble moving up at 3.0 in Ultimate tennis. Given the evidence that the OP presented I would have done just what ultimate tennis did and tell him to go out and earn the promotion because I would have no reason think he was actually out of level.

We shall see how out of level the OP was. I will be impressed if he pulls off the 10.0 rating of an average 6-2 to 6-2 score and I will absolutely admit he was right if he pulls that off.

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