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Nah bruh....they were ticked about losing period. They were reaching. There is nothing about my game that would ever make you think I taught anyone. If the truth be told they were real ticked about their 1's losing and went to google and because they found my name with the other two guys in a money tourney...why not throw my name in the hat while they wer moaning. The fourth guy can't beat if that tells you anything. It's funny in way, but it's also sad when people will stoop to level After getting their @$$ whipped.

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I'm pretty "chill" when it comes to dealing with things that I have no control over and not letting it bother me. While I enjoy a friendly, competitive match and certainly enjoy winning, tennis isn't my end all, be all in life and my actions both on and off the court reflect that. Things like cheating and how far I have to drive for a tennis match don't bother me enough to make me act immaturely or unprofessionally in response.

Yes, it is sad that ALTA can't tell the difference between real allegations and poor sportsmanship/sore losers. Look at the bright side: it sounds like you certainly made such a strong enough impression on your opponent that he accused you of "cheating" and reported it to ALTA.

I view that as a compliment of sorts. I hope my tennis game progresses enough to the point that others accuse me of "cheating" LOL.
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