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They have because this guy clearly knew we had played a money tourney. I've not won a set. I'm going to break down and try my hand at singles. I had been playing doubles only. I can play the 45's this year so Im going to see if I can catch someone slipping. You get two matches so I can handle the 50 bucks.

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It used to be the rule that if you played in tournaments with a cash prize you had to play AA. I know a team that had a player DQ'd because they were playing 6.0 in Ultimate tennis and there is something like a $250 cash prize but they considered that to be enough. (note that this player didn't actually win the $250, only that he played in the 'tournament'.) Even though it was a pretty ridiculous rule we actually asked that our team get moved up from A1 to AA4 just to make sure there couldn't be any "gotcha" moments.

I believe that they have completely removed the "cash tournament" rule from ALTA.
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