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Now to make a few comments on the other posts:

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
to add: most of these frames are sponsored juniors, so there is no incentive for management to sell them new frames, since they get it for free.

edit-so my question is more of this: how do i 'educate' management about this without looking like the bad guy, since they know so little about the stringing side of business
Above is an absolute moot point (besides the fact that you were responding to another guy). You can sell services on top of the stringing. Bumper guard replacement (and labor) is NOT free. But you know what? From a management perspective, if you offer bumper replacement services, you NEED to deal with the overhead of stocking bumpers! This is NON trivial, especially since the ONLY person that benefits from this is YOU, the stringer. Unless the shop is taking a straight up percentage of your pay, that is. However, the few dollars they receive from that "upsell" is really not much compared to how much capital they have to invest in order to maintain bumper stock...

Originally Posted by esgee48 View Post
What's preventing you from telling these Jrs that their racquets need grommets etc. OTW, they risk string damage from rubbing against the frame etc. Or if the frame is really trashed, just say that there is no guarantee on the work or the frame. And no 'money back, etc.' It would be their call as to what to do, but at least they would know what may happen. I do this all the time when I receive a racquet from adults that are 'barely hanging on.' In some cases, I refuse to string it because the racquet WILL break on the stringing machine. Just 2 cents.
Yep. The above is pretty much right on. If you dont' have a store policy, you need one. Management should understand that unless they're incompetent.

Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Less than $15 for the set.

From Home Depot, and while you're there pick up the Husky Titanium Scissors for cutting out string.
GET THOSE TOOLS. I love the micro pliers, and the cutters are OK for what they are, but they're NOT precision machined. The blades don't line up particularly well, so they sort of smash-cut strings, so it can leave little excess-material "bumps" on ends of strings. This is incredibly hard to describe, and most people wont' notice it, but you'll notice when those bumps are on poly... they'll start biting into your fingers (huge aside). The micro pliers are excellent for guiding string past blocked holes. I don't think pliers should really be used to be pulling strings for knots -- I use starting clamps, parallel jaw pliers, or CAM action pliers. I'm 100% OK with having purpose specific tools for these actions, as they do a better job with less string damage.

Really, though, the "too long, didn't read" version of the above:
TL;DR: Work on your professionalism, understand that you are practicing a craft, and take this as seriously as you want to be taken by others. Buy tubing if it's going to cause too many waves for yourself. Buy tools if it's a pain in the butt to get GOOD ones. If you want to deal with the guy, make sure you make it easy to deal with YOU. Enforce/remind/install policies if applicable.
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