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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Has anybody picked up a D-/D grade racquet? Just ordered 2 and i'm curious to know what other people had luck on with D-/D grade racquets. Any pictures too? I'll have to wait till Monday probably since the shipments going to hit Saturday/Sunday.

Thanks in advance.
I have not ordered any D rated frames, but I have 4 Cs and they are great. Much better than anything you can get from the BAY. They will also string the frame with Wilson 16 syn gut for N/C and you can also return the frame if you are not happy with the condition.

Here is one example. Head MG PP 4 1/2 "C" $59.00. The only wear was on the bumper/head guard. They strung the frame for N/C. The frame had a wonderful Babolat Leather grip installed and I picked up few other items and got free 2 day shipping. No tax... The frame is wonderful.. at least 8.5/10

TW is the best... Not to worry...enjoy the frame

Have a great day!

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