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Exclamation Wilson HYPER PROSTAFF 6.0 95 with the HPS6.1 95 Paintjob

Here are some photos of my Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.0 95 with a paintjob of the HPS6.1 with the silver "w"s on the hoop (most HPS 6.0/6.1 paintjobs have the yellow "w"s). I think this is a great looking paintjob, and this is a rare racket, it is some sort of Pro stock from 2002.

Actually Roger Federer used this exact paintjob briefly at the start of 2002 on his PS85 racket, just before he started using his custom 90 racket (initially with the HPS6.0 with yellow "w"s paintjob), which he has seemingly used ever since throughout his career.

These are 2 great threads, especially the first one discussing Roger Federer racket paintjobs throughout his career, some superb detailed info. and photos (thanks to faultfoot) here I think.

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