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Originally Posted by PSNELKE View Post
Lol as if anybody outside the US knows who Carmelita Jeter is.
Just glancing through. Actually its the other way round. I was seriously gonna ask if "Jeter" is the husband of Carmelita. Carmelita is a sprinter and that's an international sport.

OTOH, people outside the US don't suspect CJ. During the Olympics I was reading some T&F site ( i think it was something like -- it was full of people accusing CJ of doping -- these were IIRC Americans who had followed her progress in college and said "she was slow as mollasses" in college, and in her earlier 20's and now suddenly in the late 20's she's going below 11 secs. Obviously, we folks outside don't know all this.

SHe was nicknamed "Cheater" i/o Jeter, and a lot of other ugly names. believe me, this place is like a church compared to that site. I couldn't read it beyond a couple of days. Americans accusing US athletes of doping ! Very negative atmosphere.
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