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Default So far so good for me

I was near panic when I got the Rush (non "pro" but similar I think) as the warranty replacement for my beloved Tour Visions. (Why do all my favs get discontinued?!?!)

I'm happy to say that after three times out (including 5 sets of singles yesterday) they are working for me well, in some ways maybe better.

They have a generous forefoot like the TV but the midfoot around the arch is a good bit narrower which I feel gives more support. They also sit lower to the ground than the TV which feels better on my Achilles which tended to get tight in the TV's (I wear additional insert making them even higher). Also, there seems to be more rubber on the sole, hard to say for sure, but looks to be more durable than the TV sole which showed significant wear for me after 3 uses.

They were also veeeery comfy right out of the box, the first time I wore them I completely forgot about them until after the match.

So, if I got more than 6 weeks out of them (that's what I got out of TV) I will probably bite the $120 bullet plus the free warranty pair.
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