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I have an old laserfibre which is exact copy of current strinway.

I love it. I got it for the drop weight constant pull with accurate at any angle feature.

I don't find the weight system cumbersome. I just lift it and set it on my shoulder while I rotate the racket to the next string to tension. No pain and no worries for me.

I do have a brake which is needed for the Prince port rackets.

I think a suspension mounting system could be better but I am fine with the fixed 5 point system. Takes 1 to 2 minutes to mount and secure a frame.

I got mine about 6+ years ago for about $600 with a bunch of sample LaSerFibre string - it was a great deal compared to today's prices.

Caution: buy from Stringway - LaserFibre has great products but customer service sucks - they will take your money and not deliver goods or deliver months after promised.
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