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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Not just of an era - the Maxply Fort one of if not the greatest frames of all time......thing didn't change much in over 50yrs of production.

Didn't ever see any "head shots" of players on a Fort? Thought that was the beauty of Dunlop not doing that......everybody used it or at least at one time used it.........big reason Laver went to Chemold was of course for the $$$$$ and that Dunlop wouldn't give him an autograph version of the Fort.
There are many different versions of the Dunlop Maxply Fort made over the 50 odd years they were made, but yes they are all similar.

I have quite a collection of about 80 different ones (some variations quite small), but then I reckon about 300-500 variations were made worldwide

Actually there are Vinnie Richards, Rod Laver and 2 Lew Hoad photo signature versions, as well as Okker, Pohmann and Gunthardt signature versions amazingly!
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