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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
The only problem I've found with string lifetime is when the poly crosses lose tension the stringbed becomes too lose and therefore I lose some control. Adding a lot of stringsavers (65) along the outside of the stringbed has tightend up the stringbed and made it play almost as good as new (a little less spin). Also, I recently tried re-stringing just the crosses, and so far so good on that.
Exactly what just happened to me. I hit pretty hard all wings and after about 6 hours of play the control is SIGNIGICANTLY lower, not terrible but noticeable and I am having to steer shots a bit more, at first it was free wheeling and great spin. I am just not sure about just redoing the crosses, my game is about lots of racquest speed, I cant have a guessing game with my string beds, even a small guessing game..
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