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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Whoops..... can't find the photos, hopefully find them tomorrow!

Here we go, this is my Dunlop Max200 PRO, the 2nd prototype of the Max300i

This Max200 PRO is identical to the other prototype of the Max300i, VSBabolat's superb Max200GT, except the following:-

1. It says "PRO" instead of "GT"
2. It doesn't have a gloss shiny clear coat sprayed on.
3. It doesn't have the John McEnroe signature on the side (there is just a blank gap there).

Otherwise it is exactly the same, they are like non-identical twins. I do prefer the GT though just, because the solid gold print of the "GT" looks so cool I reckon, it is possibly the best looking racket I've ever seen, but I will have to make do with my Max200PRO (a very good consolation).
Wow! That is very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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