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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Clay is unnatural but hardcourts aren't? Are you for real?
Well, #1 as my posts make clear, I consider the concept of "natural" surfaces in manmade sports, with arbitrary manmade rules ridiculous to begin with.

My response was to sureshs comment that sports are naturally supposed to be played outdoors because of our need to get in touch with our primal side. An idea which I think is insane, but if we accept that logic, grass could be considered most natural, because humans originally lived in rural areas with grassy fields. However, the next step was urbanization which led to playing sports on concrete. E.g. Basketball in NYC, cricket in Mumbai, etc.

Nowhere does clay fit into this picture. (To repeat, I think the original premise itself is flawed, but if we play along with the ridiculous premise, one could easily argue that hard courts are a more natural outgrowth of human growth, than clay).
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