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Originally Posted by spot View Post
People here act like its a virtue to want to play better players but ignore people in the higher league who also want to play better players. Once you let people play against higher level players just because they wish they could have that challenge then the system becomes worse for everyone else. Go out and show you don't belong at that level. If you aren't getting any straight set victories at your current level you obviously have a lot you can still learn there.
Especially when compared with players who want to play weaker opponents in league tennis, tennis playoffs, and tournaments via sandbagging, it IS a virtue to want to play better players and challenge oneself. To say that it isn't a virtue is just delusional. It's the whole premise of "challenge ladders" where players challenge higher ranked players on a ladder in order to climb up the ladder.

I do think that there's merit to playing challenging matches where the scores end up being close though. So perhaps the best solution is to set a range limit as to how high a level a lower level person can compete against.

At some point in time, everyone ends up playing someone below them in skill level.
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