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Is it possible to just quit and start a new "account" with Ultimate and self rate yourself higher?

Originally Posted by Brian11785 View Post
I'll say again that I understand Ultimate's rationale in not bumping me up and am beginning to look forward to the challenge. I am not claiming that the ratings system is flawed or that my ego is damaged by having to play what I consider most likely down (regardless of how inflammatory my thread title was.) I just felt kind of bummed about having to play a bunch of matches that (aside from hopefully one or two) probably won't be very close and the potential of people getting ****y. Again, it isn't an ego thing.....I mean, it'd be pretty silly to come here bragging about how I'm really a 3.5 (you know.....the upper echelons of the game.) and above the peons at 3.0.

But I did beat a guy 7-6, 6-3 in the fall 3.5 league that had beaten me two months earlier 6-2, 6-1.

Edit: I got an email from one of the guys I've played with a bunch in flex leagues and hit with outside of them that he made and was denied the same request. I have never lost to him, but it is always close. So at least I know he'll be in there.
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