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I think that's a great idea that a fee should be charged with each complaint submitted to ALTA. But I think the fee should be refunded in full should the investigation prove that the complaint was warranted. Just like how NFL coaches are charged a timeout if their ruling challenge failed but are not charged with a timeout if their challenge succeeds.

Yes, I can't wait until I can play in the Senior adult division in ALTA in 4 years. It sounds like they have much better dispositions on average (I suppose with age comes maturity).

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18 and up. They were just sour @$$es. I wouldn't waste my time investigating a 5 & 5 match unless I was going to also investigate the other two that lost. Or you have documented proof these guys teach for money. What they really need to do is start charging a 50 dollar refundable fee if the allegation is found to be true. If it is not, then Alta needs to keep the money. That will stop all the BS calling into Alta everytime someone loses a match they don't think they should have lost. That should be 50 dollars per complaint/player.
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