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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
driven through NE while going to NRH and i want to try the following:

Tried Toki's: Don't bother. Way over-rated and over priced. Took my $25 as easily as the meter maid on my expired meter yesterday. Soup was not rich and dumplings smells like a dirty litter box.

H and Pizza:

Not quite in NE but in NW:
Jumbo Pizza.
never tried chinto's want to try

toki. yep, over rated. it's not jap ramen

h and pizza is good if you eat there. it gets too soggy if you take it home.

jumbo pizza in adams morgan? it's just really big slice of pizza for $5.

on your way back home, may want to check out this ramen place that no one knows (monkey can make fun of me about that again)

pretty good

also have a groupon for ping pong comet which i want to try.
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