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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
GET THOSE TOOLS. I love the micro pliers, and the cutters are OK for what they are, but they're NOT precision machined. The blades don't line up particularly well, so they sort of smash-cut strings, so it can leave little excess-material "bumps" on ends of strings. This is incredibly hard to describe, and most people wont' notice it, but you'll notice when those bumps are on poly... they'll start biting into your fingers (huge aside). The micro pliers are excellent for guiding string past blocked holes. I don't think pliers should really be used to be pulling strings for knots -- I use starting clamps, parallel jaw pliers, or CAM action pliers. I'm 100% OK with having purpose specific tools for these actions, as they do a better job with less string damage.
They are not as good quality as the Xcelite (light blue handled) set I got from Fry's. You almost have to pick through the packages to find a good set, I've found the grindings to be different on all of the sets. I don't use the cutters as much, as I use other cutters instead, like:


ZAPVOR, do you work at a Sprot Chalet? You sound like a stringer I know a store near me. If you don't work directly under the "other stringer" but work together, you should always confirm with management. Since you are the younger they will always assume you don't know more than they do. I don't know what the deal is with the tools, but you should always have your own set to work with and you are comfortable using, especially if you are sharing the machine. When racket load is low, and don't have anything else to do, clean your machine. That will show management you are maintaining thier equipment, which I suspect the other guy does not do. I agree with DD, that some stringers think of thier work as just a job, and others like most of us here, take pride in our work.
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