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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Completely agree with everything you said.

Question is what to do with players who have legitimate reason to believe that they are significantly better than where the league thinks they belong, and how to determine what is their true competitive level.

As an extreme example, if a player recently out of DI tennis wants to play, we're obviously not going to ask them to 'prove' their level by starting them out at a low level. Instead, we would take their tennis history into account. Likewise, the OP has a history at a higher level (3.5), so it seems that should be taken into consideration.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about Ultimate or other leagues outside of USTA, so I'm assuming levels between leagues are roughly equal.
I am getting good at the cut and pastes!

From UT website-----

Ultimate Tennis Skill Levels
2.5 Beginner - low, less than one year of play
3.0- Beginner - mid
3.0 Beginner - high
3.5- Intermediate - low
3.5 Intermediate - mid
4.0- Intermediate - high
4.0 Advanced - low
4.5- Advanced - mid
4.5 Advanced - high
5.0 Tournament level - low
5.5 Tournament level - high
6.0- Division 2-3 college level
6.0 Division 1 college level or national ranking

New League cities will begin with core skill levels and then expand to include "minus" levels shown above.

Also, as far as tennis history goes---

USTA Requirements

If you are a new member you may not rate yourself at a level below your USTA rating. You must select a level at or above your USTA level in your first season. Players found playing below their USTA level are subject to being removed anytime during the regular season or the playoffs. When found, the Ultimate Tennis office will review the case and make a ruling.

So, if someone out of a D1 school joins the league, if they dont register at 6.0 and are caught, they will be kicked out.
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