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Originally Posted by Hodgey20 View Post
I play at the D3 level, by no means are we a top level DIII team, but I would say we are a competitive DIII team. We have played some top tier teams in D3, and I would have to say that any DI team would be heavily favored to beat a DIII team. Its just two different levels. I do love playing DIII tennis and I have had a ton of fun doing so but Im not going to sit here and say that a DIII school could compete at a DI level.
Originally Posted by Hodgey20 View Post
thats why I say that a D1 is favored over any D3.. just two different levels.
Originally Posted by drfrankfree View Post
Carnegie Mellon(D3) defeats Bucknell( D1) 5-4
Enough said.
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