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So I think I'm starting to cement myself as the best player of the Wednesday night clinic I attend. Still having trouble returning some of the faster serves, but every other shot I have confidence in right now. Not to mention that I'm probably the fastest guy there, it also helps that I'm probably at least 15 years younger than most of them

I just think I'm winning points in all sorts of ways and have improved drastically from where I was just 3 weeks ago. Forehand is great, backhand is usually dependable (especially if I slice), volleys have been rock solid, and my movement around the court has been great. I had some nice touch shots last night, including a half volley lob shot off the backhand with my opponents at net, some very nice volleys (soft hands!), and one of those Federeresque on the run backhand flicks down the line.

Looking forward to tonight. I'm also retiring my Nike's I have decided. My right foot was sliding a bit too much last night and I think it's a sign that the traction is going awol. Excited to see how the CC Feather II's feel on court.
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